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Thursday, July 10, 2008

heyaaap! :)

hey guys! :P miss me? :)) crap. its like yearrrss since i last posted =))) lalala. OMG. i miss posting :( well, since its NOT summer anymore :-" i get to do lots of stuff in my sophie years :-<
unfortunately i just posted to say im gunna be on a BLOG LEAVE :( keepsafe y'all. and keep spreadin sum love :)

til' my next post :) ily guys! :*

12:24 AM;

Sunday, June 15, 2008

heyaap! :)

hey guys, so i havent updated for a week coz class started last Tuesday, and i CANT go online on weekdays so ill update once a week and that's on weekends :) well depends if i can go online and i have spare time to post :D i really miss updating everyday, iv got LOTS to tell but i cant post about it now :( by the way, HAPPY DAD'S DAY TO YOUR PAPII'S :D lol. wait for my update next week :) if i can post :( aww. been busy with homework lately. so takecare guys ;) lab.

til here, pauline :)

2:30 PM;

Sunday, June 8, 2008

heyaap! :)

hey guys :D sorry i havent been online for the whole day, i kind of spent the whole day with my grandudes :)) :> i woke up early awhile ago by the way, :)) i went to church on their 10am mass ;)) then.. went to the mall after :>:> plans for today: go to the church, watch kung fu panda and buy other stuffs =))) so yeah, i watched kung fu panda. :>:> its awesome! :)) super cute, tas ang funny =P~ HAHA! i know, i know.. im being a kiddo AGAIN. >:P seriously, watch it. :>:> panda's are soooo cute! :x


and by the way, napansin ko.. lahat ng mga teens na may lil' siblings napapanood yan. :>:> lol. =))) i was texting with lots of peeps awhile ago who already watched this movie coz of their siblings :))) they liked the movie though. :>:> FUNNEH! xD so anyway, i saw lots of previews of the next and soon to come movies. these are the top 3 movies i wanna watch. :>







HAHA! >:) even though i hate blood, imma watch it :> they waste A LOT of catsup >:P HAHA! anyways, imma movie buff next time ;))


by the way, i trimmed my bangs last night. since i have nothing to do and its already that long >:) i CUT. lol. i look like a korean though. Straight Face


ohshit. FAT :((


that's my sister's hand by the way ;)) we dont look alike right? :> mas maganda lng tlga aq >:P

HAHA! :)) did i CUT do much? i think i did. :-" ohwell. just bear with me! >:P


COUNTDOWN BEYBEH: 1 more day to go.
( ugggghh! classes on tuesday >:P )


By The Way, sorry for the typos and the grammars =))) im sooo tired >:P SORRY! :3

til here, pauline. in_love

9:27 PM;

Saturday, June 7, 2008

heyaap! :)

okay, I've got lots to post about today so im gunna start with something that happened last night. ill post this first before i forget it. >:) so yeah, last night... me and sar were textin and something came, >:) natawa aq sobra.. :)))

"the conversation"
(i copied exactly what's on the text message)

in the middle of texting:

sar: im sleepy. it makes me random. :))
sar: ohkehh. weirdoo. RANDOM: DOI.VINCE.WEE.
me: pssh. hus d weirdo now? :))) doi.vince.wee? WTF.
sar: you know you love the first 2 :>
me: whatever. no i dont. And you love wee? :> roigght?
sar: YUH. :))) love ko talaga. =))
me: ohh. :> i get it. You WEE in the CR. right? Yeaboi!
sar: =))))) crud. i SO did not think of that! LMAO. good job almighty and smart paul. :>
me: wahahaha! =))) riight? /:)
sar: Dk. :)) im still amazed dude! 0_0
me: WEE huh? :>
sar: :)) shut up.uh. i dont have a come back.crap.ergh.uh.
me: imma post that in my blog. :>
sar: CRAP. no.:))) hmm. its not as if HE reads yer blog naman. but no! ergh. since i LOVE u, eck. just dont make it halata. make it like "sar.WEE.:>" ergh. i feel stupid.damn.
me: waha! :> i wont. bwaha! funny sar. huh? u love me? like ew! hahaha. :>
sar: crap. :)))))) EFFF. imma tag "she's LYING" :>
me: riiiggghht. im lying huh? :> try me. :>
sar: crap. SHMUCK! tss.but still.. AS IF he reads your blog naman. HA. :>
me: i know ;;) atleast i get to post. :)) its funneh.
sar: CRAP. 1st thought: WHAT IF HE READS YOUR BLOG?
me: tss. he wont. how will he know? /:) ur gettin worid huh? :>
sar: UHUH. its t he INTERNET.duh. And you make it your stat. benn does too and YOU'RE in her links!
me: dude!. you think to much. :))) guys like him, other guys from LS nor guys from our school wouldnt be interested to read. they'll LOOK but NO read. :> ayt?
sar: MALAY MO. :> FINE. i dont like him naman. i dont even know how he looks like :-j
me: riiight. /:) whatever you say sar, whatever you say. :>:>:> ull be surprised. but swear, d nya makikita un. O.0 duh. he wouldn't care anyway.
sar: i dont know you ass. okay. you've made your point.he wont see it.but how can i like someone i've never seen? see. told ya. :>
me: did i say that u like him? :> i was just teasin u coz yu know he like you. :>
sar: OH.
sar: ya got a point hunneh.
me: yes i do. :>
sar: i hate it when you're right.crap.
me: ;))

okay, so you might think the "conversation" is weird but NO. its normal for us. :>:> ung abbreviation kasi nung guy na may gusto kay sar is CR. =))) kea, we were trippin about it. ;)) aun. mababa ba kaligayahan ko? :)) get use to it. >:) lol.

so anyway.. while texting, i was watching this movie and it reminded me alot of things when i was in my freshman years in HS. i miss playing volleyball, that's a fact. the movie's title was: "All You've Got" i love this movie talaga, pero super tagal ko na hindi napanuod. i was like OMG, what's the title of the movie? i FORGOT! :))) i really searched it just to find out what the title is. ;)) i just love that movie. dont agree? watch it and you'll love it, especially when you play volleyball ;)


yeap. that's it. ;) so anyway.. speaking of my freshman years. i am nearly a sophie and i swear, i will never ever forget all the memories we had when we were in 1st year. all the fun and all the new experience happened back then. ;)

1A batch 2011. we are family, and forever will be :) shux.


batch 2011. feildtrip @ la mesa eco park :) 1A&1B.


>:) filipino class. shhh. no gadgets allowed. di huli. :P


behind those pictures are lots of memories to remember. :)

so anyway. this morning,i woke up like 3times? :)) 5,6&7am. shucks. di tumitino tulog q. :)) but i slept early last night coz i have to wake up EARLY, coz i have to go to school before 11 to complete my stuffs. ehh. so i did. >:P damn it. i went there around 10 blah blah AM :>:> hmmn. less people. :> see. and by the way, no bookstore on monday. #:-s good thing i took this waking up early thing, seriously :)) i completed my stuffs but i have one more thing that is out of stock, again.. :)) BULLcap ;)) ohwell. it wouldn't be needed on the first week anyway. :-" i hope. :)) lol.
the bag :))


the rule for 'the bag' : All school bags should be kept inside the lockers during class. No bags will be allowed inside the classroom except for small sling bag.


notebooks are bought in school. each notebook are identified by color coded stickers ;)


ugggh. :)) too many books! these are the books we're gunna use from 1st to 4th quarter ;))


these are other materials needed in school. ;) can you believe that OB has its own calligraphy pad? :>:> lol. ohwell. ;))

ANYWHO, enough about the school stuffs :)) after i bought all the things i lack, i decided to wait until they post the "sectioning". sbi kasi ni kuya guard today daw ipopost :)) haha. so sabi ko ill wait for it nlng. ehhh. super tagal pa so i went to seven eleven :>:> there's this kiddo, super cute nya he's 3 years old and he thought my friend was the cashier =))) AWW! cute :x in awhile my friend left. i was texting with mara and she told me she's gunna go to seven eleven and we'll go check out the list together. so yeah we did. :>:> mara got taller :)) konti nlng maaabot na nya q >:) lol. aun. pagbalik namin wala pa! kainis si kuya. here's the fact is: "pauline waited 5hours just to see the effin list so that she wont let her friends down." yeap! :) seriously.. 5hours. damn. but its okay. atlest i get to inform my friends about it. ;) by the way.. the arrangement this year is ALMOST the same. actually it is the same, 2 people from section B last year was added to us. GIO and DOMINIC : all the new students came crashing down to 2B ;) so all in all we're 31. 19 girls before minus 2 korean girls and claire:( ,16. in boys 15 before. minus 2 plus 2, 15. :)) lol. here's the list:

2A- ms.nueva


Yael A.
Ilana B.
Trisha C.
Leanne C.
Sheilu C.
Janessa C.
Christine D.
Paula E.
Paula F.
Mara G.
Sarina L.
Jamie M.
Monica R.
Vichelle R.
Ayana S.
Pauline V.


Wynford C.
Dominic D.
Karl G.
David G.
Paolo G.
Benj K.
Franco L.
Vic L.
Luis L.
kado P.
Justin S.
Gio T.
miguel V.




Iman A.
Jasmine B.
Alysa B.
Catherine C.
Janica D.
Katrina D.
Denise D.
Ayra F.
Neena F.
Celina G.
Helen L.
Nicole L.
Justine M.
Stephanie M.
Francheska P.
Charlene R.
Mykka S.
Stefanie S.


Kim A.
Jireh D.
Stephen D.
Stephen E.
Francis G.
Robbie M.
Jonas M.
Troy M.
Kyle R.
Raleigh R.
Johnrey R.
Roy R.
Jose S.


til here, pauline. in_love

9:02 PM;

Friday, June 6, 2008

heyaap! :)

woot. \:D/ looks like i had a choice not to go. >:) im home alone. with maids ofcourse. ;)) its so quiet w/0 my sister around, so PEACEFUL >:) bwaha! seriously :)))) they left around quarter to 7pm. but still i didnt go. :-" i really dont wanna. /:) its gunna be so boring, i swear. plus wat am i gunna do there @ night? no sun?. /:) no thanks. lol. so anyway, im left alone so i can do WHATEVER i want. :>:> haha xD anyway..


i went to school awhile ago around 4? i was like, shit. lots of people were there. ugggh. i was so pissed so i just went to my tito's office which is in southville coz they're doing something, some construction stuffs :)) lol. one of my dad's project. so anyway, i went to 7eleven for awhile coz i have nothing to do in his office, after like 15min? i went back and i told him ill be going back to school to check if the line got shorter. BUT, when i came back the guard wont let me in coz the line was to long and its past 4:30 and that it was too late already. i was like shit. im so stupid! how come i never thought of getting a number before going to my tito's office. ~x( damn. supeerrr pissed. so tommorow, i have to go back there before 11am or else ill be going back there on monday which has more people that usual. it was a total waste of time. plus i think im guna be sick. im not feeling well. >:P sooooo, i gotta sleep early coz sleeping late wont help me in waking up early in our "new schedule" >:P what the fuck. 8:30 became 7:30? gahd. torture much? ohwell. hope i wake up early. i have to be there at least 9am? :(( I'm still sleeping that time FYI :)) okay then. so ill post about the stuffs tomorrow ayt? :) loves.♥

til here, pauline. in_love

7:53 PM;

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